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I wanted to share with you my thoughts on my re-birthday, but after reading what I wrote a few years ago, I decided to share this with you. It sums it all up and gives glory to the One who made it all possible.

I hope you enjoy…

Consider What God Has Done – 8 Years Ago Today…..

As a country, November 11th is a special day. It is a day in which to honor those who have served this great country – either on our own shores, or in far-away foreign lands. Personally, it’s special to me, because it marks the 8th anniversary of my Adoption.

You see, when I was 16, my father looked me in the eye and said “You are no longer part of this family”. Yeah, he disowned me because I left the house I was being abused in. That day, he rescinded his rights as a father, and disposed of me as his daughter.

Fast forward 22 years, at 38 years old, wanting nothing more than to end the life I had been living; and I see Jesus before me, calling my name, beckoning me back into the fold.

8 years ago today, the adoption papers were signed and I not only received a Father, but was given the position of Daughter. Not a disposable daughter – I was adopted by a King and was given the permanent position of Princess.

“God in His holy dwelling is a Father of the fatherless” Psa 68:5

But then….

After surrendering my life to Him, I realize the significance of the date. November 11th.

Why is today special? Not just because its Veteran’s Day. Not just because it’s my Re-Birthday. But November 11th is my dad’s birthday. He would have been 77 years old today.

On my father’s birthday – I received not just ‘A’ father, but “The Father”.

After being abandoned by my dad – I was adopted by The King.

I have a choice today. I could either sit around and wallow in the pain of the abuse, and whine about what never was, or I could

“Consider what God has done…” Ecc 7:13

Jesus, not only paid the price for my adoption, but He left the 99 to find me, His lost sheep. 8 years ago, I stopped running from Him. I stopped fighting Him. I gave in, and let Him into the all the dark places I had been hiding.

8 years ago today, I went from walking down a path that led straight to hell – to a path that leads straight to His arms. Only there, did I find a life worth living. A life with endless Hope and endless possibilities.

All I was seeking and not finding in my dad, I found in God. He healed what was diseased, filled what was empty, and fixed what was broken. All of that is available to you as well. All you have to do is stop running…..

I don’t know where you are today. Have you wandered from the fold? Are you lost in a sea of pain? Let me encourage you to stop running, sit still for a moment, and let Him find you. Everything you have been looking for is waiting for you. All He wants to do is guide you to where you can find it. Give Him permission to lead you. You will truly be amazed at what He can do for you, if only you would let Him.

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This mornings journal began with the words…. “Forgive me Father, I know what I do.”

You see, Thursday morning I woke to the news of the shooting in Charleston and I prayed “forgive him Father, he knows not what he’s done.”

Friday morning (in the middle of the night) I woke to the alarm company calling me and telling me the store I manage was broken into. On the way there I prayed “forgive them Father, they know not what they do.”

But the backlash of these two entirely separate experiences was strong enough to alter my own prayers and I had to begin praying those words over myself.

You see, instead of returning to the Lord, I worshipped baals from a past life. Instead of using my words to bless others, I used them to curse and bring about death.  I shrugged off the Hand of God that was trying to protect me, and sought worldly comforts instead.

So before I could even approach Him with prayers for today, I needed to take care of the heart sickness that festered over this weekend.

Forgive me father, I know what I do.

I know that sin separates, and the enemy of our soul longs for nothing more than for us to be separated from God. The enemy may try to isolate us, keeping us captive by the sins committed in dark; but the Lord Above longs only to free us from sin and unite us with Him.

So, as I said, before I approached the Throne, I humbled myself and prayed. “Forgive me Father, for I have sinned. I know what I do…”

And with that simple prayer prayed from the depths of my hurting heart, forgiveness and grace bridged the gap between me and Lord.

But I didn’t stop there. I prayed for you as well. That you be forgiven for any sin committed either in the Light or in the dark. I pray that any gap between you and the Lord be bridged by His grace and His forgiveness. That the baals worshipped and the lies believed, be cast back into the pit of hell. And that you be completely set free so you can return fully to the Lord of Heaven above.

In Jesus’ Mighty Name I pray …

Forgive us Father… We know what we do.

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This isn’t the prettiest of posts, but it is ripped word for word from the pages of my journal. It’s just me being honest with you and sharing a conversation I had with Him. (Please know going into this, He heard my cries and answered my prayers.)

If you take one thing away from this post, I pray you realize that this journey is not always easy, but God is ALWAYS good.  In real life, are prayers are not always pretty and flowery, and spoken in beautiful Christianese; but spoken out of a broken heart in need of healing. He is faithful to hear us. He is faithful to answer the cries of our hearts.

So here we go…

My real-life conversation with God…

‘God… You are good, but I am not. I’m not well God – spiritually, emotionally, physically.  I’m not well God.’

“Come to the Well”, I heard Him say.

‘But God…’ my heart responds.

“Come to the Well to get well.” He says.

‘I’m coming LORD.’ I reply.

(Then I wander off…..)

‘God help me!’ I cry.

“Come to Me – I’m here.” He says.

‘I need you!’ I reply.
‘Make me well LORD.
Help me! Hear me – Heal me! So I can be about Your business.
I’m broken God and I need Your help.’

“Your ways are not working.” He says.

‘I get so lost throughout the day LORD.  I seek Your Will at the beginning of the day. I seek Your Will at the first sign of trouble.
I am weak, yet fake strength. I am strong in my weakness, yet seek Worldly comfort and ways of escape.

Why do I run from the Healer straight into more pain?’

“You believe the lie that you can your situation,” He says.

‘I can only perpetuate the pain,’ I reply.

“Why don’t you come to me?” He asks.

‘Pride’ I reply.
‘I know in my heart You are where I need to be. But the Worldly comforts of the old familiar ways seem closer than You, sometimes.’

“I’m always there” He says
“I’m always here. You need not run to Me – you need only to stop running from Me.”

‘Forgive me Father…for I have fallen.’

“Not from Grace.” He says. “But fallen, yes. Here, take my Hand. I can help you up.” He says.

‘I don’t want to get up.’ I tell Him. ‘For I just want to rest.
God, it all seems for nothing. I went from ‘not so bad’ to ‘this sucks’ in a few months of disobedience. I can blame others, but not for my disobedience. Others may have caused some pain, but my situation is my fault. God…help me. Help me find the way back to the Sacred Path. The Path that lead to peace. The path that brings me to Your Perfect Will. The Path that gives me hope for completing the tasks you’ve set before me.

God…I really don’t know what to do. Am I still supposed to….”

“Yes!” He says, knowing exactly what I was going to ask.

‘To what?’ I ask.
‘Lord… Hear me. Heal me. Restore to me the passion and purpose I once felt. It seems I have lost it somewhere.’


A few days later – a few pages later.

‘Oh Father… thank You! Thank you for speaking to me again, and loving me NOT just as a God who loves His Creation, but as a father loves His Daughter.’


Prayer answered.




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There’s no duct tape in Heaven…

Yep! I went there. This may disappoint some of you who think duct tape is a gift from God, but when I’m finished telling you why, you’ll see my point.

Yesterday was an incredible day at church.

I worshipped Him – He loved me back.
I sang songs of praise to Him – He sang songs of victory over me. (Psa 32)
I asked Him to prune off all branches in me that were dead or dying – I asked Him to remove anything that was killing me.

He responded with visions of His handiwork.

(Oh how I wish I could draw you a picture of what I saw in my mind. It was so funny looking, it had me laughing at the altar.)

Here’s the gist of it… I asked Him to prune me and what I saw was a wonky shaped stick figure with one eye, one ear, and one arm cut off. I laughed at the Lord because only He can take what looked like a cartoon drawing, and make a beautiful point out of it.

I thanked Him for the visual, and continued to worship Him. Through this time of incredible intimacy, He reminded me that though I may look a little wonky, I was created in His image. I saw myself die on the Cross with Him. I saw myself buried in the tomb. I saw myself rise from dead with Him, and leave our grave clothes behind as we exited the tomb to New Life.

I thanked Him for His sacrifice that gave me new life, and even though it was hard to see myself pruned to bits, I knew He had answered my prayer by leaving that which was healthy and would bear fruit for His glory.

But then….

It didn’t take long for the enemy to catch wind of what was going on. That sly slithering snake jumped right in there and showed me the duct tape he was using to graft the broken branches back onto me. Do you know what I mean? When a tree limb is broken, or a branch snapped off, a gardener will duct tape the branch back into place and eventually the limb will reattach itself to the tree.

Well, that’s what the enemy was showing me. All the dead branches that the Lord lovingly pruned from me, he was attempting to reattach with duct tape.

Let me just tell you something…. that didn’t last very long. I took those thoughts captive, laughed out loud at his attempt to spoil the Work of the Lord, and immediately cast those branches back to the pit of hell where they belong.

I looked that enemy right in the eye and told him “There’s no duct tape in heaven! I am grafted to the Vine by the Blood of the Cross.”

Take that you defeated snake.

“I am the true vine, and my Father is the gardener. He cuts off every branch in me that bears no fruit, while every branch that does bear fruit He prunes so that it will be even more fruitful.” John 15.1,2

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“Look at my hands and my feet. It is I Myself! Touch me and see…”
Words of Jesus spoken in Luke 24.39

He showed His scars…

That means so much to me.

Jesus stood in a room, with His closest friends, and showed them all of His scars – and He’s asking us to do the same.

When He first called me to tell my story, I remember slamming my bible closed and telling Him “No!”

But He didn’t give up.

He kept calling, and calling, and calling, and finally, I said “Yes!”

But I didn’t want to show my scars. If I were to be completely honest, I don’t want to show any of them. I wanted to pretend that nothing happened except that one day I just decided to go to church. That would have been great. But that’s not what He wanted.

He showed His scars and He wants me to show mine.

His scars are proof of His death – His scars are proof of His resurrection.

They saw the wounds inflicted – They saw the death on the Cross.
They saw the Man standing in the room with them – They heard His voice speaking to them.
They saw the holes that bled a few days before – They touched His side that poured out Living Water.

His scars are proof of the Miracles of the Father – in the Son – through the Holy Spirit.

And He’s asking us to reveal our scars to the world so that others can see the Miracles of the Father, in the Son, through the Holy Spirit – In us!

Revealing our scars reveals His scars.

Do I want to show my scars? Absolutely not. But I do want to glorify the Lord. So that means I’ve got to get over my pride, and share the stories written by the enemy but re-written by Christ.

“..for the testimony of Jesus is the Spirit of prophecy.” Revelation 19.10


For the World to know of His Greatness, I must share the stories of my weakness. For no one will ever know just how far Jesus went to save a wretch like me, if I don’t tell the story of where I was when He found me.

Do you have a story to tell?  A story of ‘where you were’ vs ‘where you are’? Testify to His greatness and prophecy into someone else’s life what He can do, wants to do, and will do in their lives. For we are, the testimony of Jesus.

He showed us His scars, and it’s time for us to share with others the scars the World left behind, and more importantly, the Healing that Christ provided.

I’d love to hear your testimony – let’s chat in the comments below.

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